Hi! Welcome to Just Naturally Living, I am so glad you stopped by. My name is Amber, I love penguins, hot tea and over sized sweaters. I dislike mornings, winter and scary movies. I live in Alberta with my love and our adorable puppy,Denali. 



In April of 2013 I started becoming very sick. Really looking back on it now it was no surprise, I started having little “episodes” and “symptoms” in the eighth grade but I always brushed them off as “normal”. By April 2013 I could no longer ignore my symptoms, I could not live my life, function, I could barely even eat. I had to take time off of work and start seeing doctors and specialists. For me, my journey to an answer was not an easy one and most definitely not short. After almost two years of investigation, sleepless nights, losing hope and overall just wondering if I was crazy, I finally got my answer.
In February of 2015 I was diagnosed with Mastocytosis, a rare disease. I remember walking into the doctor’s office that day, so nervous, with my sister by my side, ready for and hoping for an answer. An answer is just what I got, my doctor walked in, said the test was positive, handed me a piece of paper with “Mastocytosis” written on it and told me to “google it.”

Prior to becoming sick and receiving my diagnosis I lived what you would call a normal life. I went to university, worked, hung out with friends and ate whatever I wanted. While Masto is not life threatening per se (if symptoms get out of hand it can lead to serious consequences, including death) it definitely was a game changer. My life went from being that of a normal twenty something year old girl to adjusting to a life with a strict diet, taking a handful of medication day and night and lugging around an epi pen (to name just a few changes).
One day I found myself looking at my handful of medication wondering what I was putting in my body, wishing I could have some control back. I guess you could say this is where it changed, the moment when I decided I wanted to go from surviving to thriving. I decided to change my diet to mainly plant based dishes and other whole nutritional foods (which has been more difficult than expected and something I have failed at countless times and I am sure will continue to struggle with). I also decided to change my cleaning and beauty products from those full of chemicals to ones deemed “green” and “toxin free”. Everything that was once important to me and what I considered my “norm” slowly shifted and thus came this shop and blog.

I hope you will join me in my journey to fight for a better, healthier and hopefully stronger life because if there is one thing I have learned from all of this, you have to love yourself enough to be the difference.